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The inoculated in the hospital costs almost $ 6 billion

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 (HealthDay News) – The cost of providing hospital care for disadvantaged Americans in just three months was $ 5.7 billion, CBS News reported.

Between June and August, approximately 287,000 unvaccinated people were hospitalized in the United States for COVID-19, according to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) and the Peterson Center on Healthcare, which worked together to cover the costs. and quality of health care. .

Most adults in the United States had access to vaccines since spring, so that this hospital stay could probably be avoided, the study authors noted.

In the new report, the KFF-Peterson team used data from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to estimate the average cost of hospitalization with COVID-19 at $ 20,000 per person. They then calculate the total expenditure at $ 5.7 billion.

“This ballpark figure is probably an understatement of the cost burden of preventable treatment of COVID-19 among non-vaccinated adults,” the authors noted that the study does not take into account outpatient costs.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those who are not vaccinated are 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19.

This study has grounded that vaccines are effective in preventing serious diseases and hospitalization, and preventing breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated.

The cost of healthcare for people with COVID-19 is “borne not only by patients but also by society at large, including tax-funded public programs and private insurance premiums paid by employees, businesses and individual buyers” , according to the authors of the report.

These shared costs – for installments, co-insurance or payments after a deductible amount – have not always been passed on to the patient, but they may happen soon.

As of November 2020, nearly 90% of insured individuals would have had their costs paid out of pocket if they had been hospitalized for COVID-19, according to the report. Now more than 70% of the largest insurers do not cover treatment costs. Another 10% will phase out cost sharing by the end of next month, CBS News reported.

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has more about COVID-19.


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