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Madan Lal appreciates Virat Kohli’s decision to leave Indian T20I captaincy

Virat Kohli will retire from India’s T20I captaincy after the T20 World Cup.© AFP

Former versatile Indian Madan Lal said on Friday that Indian captain Virat Kohli was not under pressure to step down from the T20I captaincy and appreciated his decision. Speaking to ANI about Virat Kohli leaving the T20I captaincy, he said: “There was no pressure on him and I appreciate his decision. Today, cricketers play all three formats of the game and Kohli is also captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and if he sees the workload, he is currently at the peak of his career, which is good for him and the team. “

Asked about Sachin Tendulkar leaving the captaincy under pressure, Madan Lal said: ‘Kohli did not leave the captaincy as he put together a team and took the Indian team to the first Test rankings, so it does not go about not stopping. is pressure on everyone, and you have to deal with it. ”

Lal talked about the one-day match and the captaincy of the Test matches, and there should be no change in both formats.

He talked about Rohit Sharma leading the T20 team, and so far he said Rohit did captaincy for Mumbai Indians and did well in other matches.

“We’m lucky another captain comes in and we take care of them, and captain also learns of the care and Kohli did not leave the T20, and Rohit will benefit from the return Kohli gives him.”


Madan Lal currently feels Rohit Sharma is the right candidate for the T20 captaincy, and the next captain could be KL Rahul.

When Rahul was appointed as T20 captain, Lal was opposed to it and said Rohit was already there and there should be no overlap and that would spoil the team and Rahul could become vice-captain.

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