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Chuck Schumer promises Democrats will pass the suffrage bill on their own

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has announced on the Senate floor that Republicans are blocking the Freedom of Voting Act, and that Democrats will pass it alone.

Schumer says Democrats will act independently if Republicans block the suffrage bill.


Leader Schumer said:

Last week, several of my colleagues introduced the Freedom of Voice Act – a powerful new bill that will tackle the oppression of voters, partisan rhetoric and the scourge of dark money.

The legislation also responds to recommendations of election officials and contains new provisions to strengthen confidence in our elections, including critical anti-election reforms, a flexible standard for voter ID and the maintenance requirements for common sense.

This legislation will boost confidence in our elections, and I believe all senators – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – should support the package.

Late last week, I placed the Freedom of Voting Act on the legislative calendar so that I could schedule a vote on this bill in the immediate future.

This week, my colleague Senator Manchin, who helped draft this legislation and relied on many of the good practices in West Virginia, is making an effort to achieve good faith in getting colleagues on the other side of the aisle to achieve winning support for the Freedom to Vote Act – and he actually met with a number of our Republican colleagues.

We are committed to finding common ground, if there is common ground. We look forward to hearing what changes Republicans want to make possible. And if the Republicans get seriously and honestly involved, we will work with them. The Working Group on Voting Rights, which I convened earlier this year, is prepared to assist in this endeavor.

But we need to move fast. Time is of the essence. As Senator Manchin said earlier this year about Congress’ action on suffrage, “passion is not an option.” I agree with Senator Manchin in this regard.

For that purpose, it is my intention to vote here on the floor of the Senate for the Freedom to Vote Act.

If the Republicans are not willing to move forward, the Democrats will have to move alone. Lack of Republican action on voting rights is not an excuse to do nothing. We are going to take action to make sure that we protect our democracy and fight back against the disease of voter oppression, partisan rioting and ruin of elections that are metastasized at the state level.

The Senate Democrats clearly have a plan

Schumer would not have promised on the floor of the Senate that the Democrats would go alone to pass a bill on voting rights if they did not already have an agreed plan.

There are a few different options on the table. Democrats can include the suffrage legislation in the Reconciliation Bill, or they can give the filibuster on elections and suffrage a meticulous effect.

Democrats are now all in agreement on a single bill, so after the Republicans blocked this legislation, it’s time to see what the Democrats came up with to pass the legislation.

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