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Watch Josh Hawley fall flat on his face as he asks the DHS secretary questions

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) kept trying to put words in the mouth of the Secretary of Homeland Security, and he failed.

Josh Hawley tried to print a false story.


Hawley said: ‘I do not want to interrupt you. Our time is so limited. I want to be sure that I understand, 200,000 border meet more than two straight months, a record in decades for over decades, and you tell i’m it success? Are you happy with what is it happening at the border now? ”

Sec. Mayorkas, “Senator, as I said then and I say now, we have a plan. We carry out our plan and we will continue to do so. “

Hawley kept trying: ‘But you just testified that it’s so work. I’m trying to understand. Is it success? Are you telling me this is so successful?”

Mayorkas corrected Hawley, ‘Senator, we’m not done in carrying out our plan. I never suggested otherwise. We continue to do the work that we must do to ensure this our border. It is an ongoing process and we do carry it out indeed. “

Hawley clearly does not listen: ‘Are you happy with your advancement? ”

Mayorkas wrapped him up: ‘Senator, we have to do this better and we need to do more and we are committed to doing so and we do it. ”

The trial in the Senate was about threats to home security, but Josh Hawley tried to give a narrative about the Biden administration not taking the issues at the border seriously, and he completely failed.

It’s hard to believe that Hawley thinks of himself as someone who could win the presidency if he could not successfully convey a message during a senate hearing.

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