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Mitch McConnell to use the filibuster to inflate the economy standard

Republicans in the Senate, led by Senator Mitch McConnell, plan to use the filibuster to prevent Democrats from preventing a default.

Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) tweeted:

Republicans gave the Democrats just the perfect argument to kill the Filibuster.

If the Republicans use the filibuster to fight the economy, it will prove to the Democratic filibuster of the Senate the point that everyone else has tried to make for them.

The filibuster is the tyranny of the minority in the Senate. Republicans do not use the filibuster to make sure issues are discussed and that all views are heard.

In Republican hands, the filibuster is a weapon used to block progress and cause destruction.

Senators like Manchin and Cinema should see to it that they help Republicans destroy a fragile economy by killing the opposition.

Kill the filibuster to save the economy, because Mitch McConnell is determined to cause a global financial crisis, and people like Joe Manchin gave him the tools to do that.

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