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Voting rights expert crushes Ted Cruz by telling him Texas voting laws are racist

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked during a Senate hearing what laws on voter ID are racist, and the witness told him Texas.


Sen. Cruz asked which voter laws are racist?

Professor Franita Tolson replied, “Excuse me, Mr. Cruz, maybe your state is Texas?”

Cruz then tried to say that the professor called the entire state of Texas racist, and she said, ‘I think so, sir. It’s pretty reductive. I’m not saying your entire state of Texas is racist. She then testified by citing a federal district court ruling that found that Texas law was enacted to diminish the power of Latinos with racist intent.

Cruz then tried to separate the racist and discriminatory intent of voter ID laws from the proof of an ID to vote, and it went as well as one would expect from a lawyer who never ‘ did not present a case in court.

Experts from the Senate panel have made it clear that not all voter ID laws are racist, but that some voter ID laws have racist intent and are intended to target minorities.

Sen. Cruz could not defend voter ID laws on his own merits. The intent of the law influences the subsequent acts under the law. For example, a racist voter ID law means that people who do not meet the law’s criteria can not vote, so they can not go to the polls and show an ID to vote. They were cut out and excluded from the election process.

The point of racist voting laws is to reduce the size of the electorate so that it is more difficult for people who are more likely to support Democrats to vote.

Red states are introducing racist voting laws, so Democrats must act at the federal level to protect the right to vote.

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