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It’s getting worse in Florida as Republicans want to review measles and mumps vaccine mandates

Republicans in Florida are not happy with a mandate against COVID vaccine; they are now asking that all vaccine mandates be reviewed.

Florida Politics reports on the comments of Senator Manny Diaz, who is one of the state’s leading Republicans in shaping health care policy

The senator, who admits he did not receive a COVID-19 vaccine, says he is definitely against vaccine mandates. At the urging of the governor, the legislature earlier this year approved a bill that would prevent private businesses from requiring proof of vaccination from their customers. But the bill did not prohibit employers from requiring their employees to be vaccinated.

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Diaz said it may be time to review the mandates, instead of diseases like measles and mumps. But he said there is a difference between vaccines that have been tested for a long time and the new COVID-19 vaccine.

Republicans are not happy about making Florida children sick and killing them with COVID. They also want to get measles and mumps. The party of personal responsibility has become the party of no responsibility for the health and well-being of children.

The IDP abandoned conservatism and adopted a doctrine of personal selfishness. It is not necessary to review vaccine policies that keep children from becoming ill for decades.

In 2019, 140,000 children and babies die mostly from measles around the world.

Vaccine mandates are needed because they work, and only a political party trying to kill people would think otherwise.

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