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Pelosi bust Mitch McConnell with his own words on the debt ceiling and standard

Speaker Pelosi did not take any prisoners as she used Mitch McConnell’s own words on the debt ceiling and in defects against him.

Pelosi uses McConnell’s own words to clear his guilt over the ceiling’s hypocrisy.


Speaker Pelosi said during her weekly press conference:

It can – it will cost 6 million jobs, wiping out $ 15 trillion in household wealth. Unemployment almost doubles rate up to 9% and increase borrowing costs for everyone Americans. It would be a disaster, and that is – do not take it away from me. Let me quote Mitch McConnell when it during the Donald Trump years. Mitch McConnell said the following. He said many McConnell said which does not support a debt limit suspension – this is what he said.

Assure that Congress will not throw this kind of unnecessary turn in the gear of our work growth and thriving economy. When Trump was president, they did not want to throw a wrench, a wrench, unnecessary wrench in accelerating our job growth. Today he threatens to do so just this. We need to stop holding the blame and the economy hostage.

McConnell’s game with chicken with the economy will not end well for Republicans

Republicans never win these battles. McConnell believes he can raise the debt ceiling for the Democrats themselves so that he and the Senate Republicans can run against democratic spending by 2022, but the Democrats are not playing along.

They call McConnell’s bluff and let him take the blame if he causes a new recession.

Speaker Pelosi, leader Schumer and President Biden give Mitch McConnell enough rope to hang on to him, and so far the leader of the majority in the Senate shows that he learned nothing from his failed experience when he tried it in 2011 with President Obama not.

Democrats do not negotiate with terrorists.

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