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Fox News and OANN ignore AZ audit showing greater bid margin of victory

Newsmax only deals with Donald Trump’s lies about the election, while Fox News and One America News Network ignore the results of the audit in Arizona.

Matthew Sheffield tweeted:

Conservative cable networks have been questioning the fraud in Arizona for months, but when the results, no matter how dubious they are, shows that it was actually Joe Biden, not Donald Trump who ignores his totally underrated conservative media, as if it never happened.

Trump and Republicans have distorted the term media bias as a factual story of which they disagree. The term has become so abusive that people cannot see what real prejudice looks like.

Conservative media’s handling of the results of the Arizona audit is an example of a textbook of media bias in action.

The Arizona audit is not credible, so the media should not say that it confirms Biden’s victory. The victory of Joe Biden has already been confirmed before taking office.

The audit process itself does reveal that even if Republicans try to cook up the books on election records, they do not prove their allegations that the election was stolen.

Because the audit was a flop, conservative media ignored the results.

This is what real media bias looks like.

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