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Govinda’s cousin Akash Gaharwar says Sunita Ahuja and Kashmera Shah should not be blamed for the family feud | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Several people from Govinda’s family talked about the big outburst between the senior actor and his cousin, actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek and their immediate families. While we later come to the face of the lingering feud, for now, the cousin of Govinda Akash Gaharwar added another piece to the puzzle and shared his perspective as someone on the inside. He said it was a bit too much of an exaggeration in the public domain. He said with an entertainment portal and I quote: ‘These are just a few misunderstandings that need to be cleared up. The two have enough and more love in their hearts for each other. I feel one day the two of them should sit down during the meal and rectify the matter. Govinda Ji is the pillar of our family. He is the father figure who gives shade to all. The two just have to talk it out. ‘When they are informed that there is a general perception that perhaps the women in the family, Kashmera Shah and Sunita AhujaBeing specific is responsible for the break that lasts so long, Akash explained: ‘We can not blame them. No one is responsible for this. The misunderstandings got worse, but that does not mean he does not like Krushna Abhishek. It’s just a matter of time. His influence was present on all of us. ‘On another note, although Krushna is not doing so well, Govinda and his wife are happy with other aspects of their lives. Their son Yashvardhan is getting ready for his Bollywood debut. Sunita Ahuja, in a recent interview with ETimes, revealed: ‘Yashvardhan’s debut has been delayed due to the restriction. We are in conversation with few people about its launch. We want good production houses and a good story, because this will be his first film. My son is preparing a lot for his debut. He is building his body, learning to act, dancing and doing other things. ‘Now, back to the family wheatAccording to some reports, things got from big to not so great when Govinda decided to appear on Kapil Sharma’s program instead of supporting cousin Krushna’s ‘Comedy Nights Live’. This reportedly upset Krushna, and since then their family dynamics have never been the same.

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