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Saif Ali Khan’s advice to his sons Ibrahim, Taimur and Jehangir if they plan to enter Bollywood: Make mistakes, but also learn from people around you | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan is not only a brilliant actor but also a loving father who regularly spends time with his four children. His daughter Sarah Ali Khan is already a star and his eldest son Ibrahim Ali Khan has appeared in magazine covers a few times, but has yet to enter Bollywood. In a recent interview, when Saif was asked if he had a proposal for his sons, or if they were going to enter Bollywood, the Nawab said: ‘There are so many people around you – big stars and big actors, learn from them all. Try to do good things. This is easier said than done. Definitely make mistakes. But the end result is: you have to contribute something to the world we live in, and we have chosen to contribute to entertainment. So make sure it is entertaining. Saif said of his career and his ups and downs in the industry: ‘I advise my younger self to just find your center and stay there. Play each role to its maximum entertainment quotient and keep your mind clean. It makes our people, to be everywhere at a certain age, make a little mess. The only time you know what it means to be clear is when you are unclear. I would say enjoy the ride, it’s going to be fun ‘.

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