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7 Most Shocking Claims from the “Controlling Britney Spears” Doc

1. Britney’s phone was allegedly monitored

In The New York Times presents: “Controlling Britney Spears,” released on Hulu and FX on September 24, 2021, Alex Vlasov, a former Black Box Security employee who said he had worked with the star’s team for nearly nine years, said Britney had received a request to have an iPhone which he claimed he was keeping a close eye on later. word. He said the employee of Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group Robin Greenhill, a member of Britney’s management team, got the idea to use an iPad logged in to the same iCloud that the pop star used on her iPhone. This would allow others to view all of her messages, Facetime calls, notes, browser history, and photos.

According to the documentary, a lawyer for Tri Star Sports & Entertainment said that all allegations involving Robin, as well as the founder of Tri Star, Lou Taylor, were false.

“Edan would bring me text messages from conversations Britney would have, and he would ask me to encrypt the messages and give them to him so he could pass them on to Robin and Jamie,” Alex claimed. “They talked openly about monitoring her. Their reason for monitoring was looking for bad influence, looking for possible illegal activities that might happen. But they would also monitor conversations with her friends, with her mother, with her lawyer. . Sam Ingham. “

Alex said it in 2019 Britney completed a study at a mental health facility, her security team was asked to prepare for her an iPhone “that would only be allowed to make calls.”

In the documentary, Alex showed an email that was allegedly sent from Edan and that Britney’s then-lawyer, Sam, allegedly sent to two lawyers representing Jamie, while also referring to Edan, the current co-conservator. of her person, sent, Jodi Montgomery, and Jodi’s attorney.

Sam says in the email, whose date does not appear, that the singer asked him to tell her father and security that she wants to keep her old phone, and that she is also requesting a new one. Britney’s lawyer added that, in relation to any new phone, he requires written confirmation that no one other than the singer can access data. An alleged response from one of Jamie’s lawyers is shown, stating that Britney’s father “confirms that he has no access to her calls, voicemails and text messages.”

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