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Baby foot peel is for sale: stock up before it is sold out …. again

The wait is the hardest part. You may think that nothing happens, especially if your feet look exactly the same immediately after the treatment … but then, like magic, they start to change. Within days, your feet start to peel a little, then a little more, then a lot. Some say they dumped like a snake, others report that they leave pieces of skin wherever they go until the process is completed.

So yes, it’s brutal … but also strangely satisfying, especially when you see the results. The skin on your feet looks brand new and baby feels soft (as the name implies). The hype is very real. Now we would not start the sandal season without it. This is truly a miracle. There’s only one catch (isn’t it always?): It’s sold out everywhere. Shop below to get yours while you can, and enjoy the joy of experiencing the strangest and most amazing metamorphosis your feet will ever know.

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