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Devin Nunes claims Joe Biden set up Donald Trump in Russia

Russian asset manager Devin Nunes (R-CA) states that it is really Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, who is involved with Russia.

Putin Pal Devin Nunes claims Biden is the one involved in Russia


Nunes said on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures:You still have a lot of Americans what is poisoned through this what do you think Donald Trump had something to do with Russia in fact it was the opposite, it was the Democrats and the Clinton campaign and the Bids that had something do with Russia. “

His fellow members of Congress called Nunes a Russian asset for a reason

Devin Nunes is still trying to run a disinformation campaign about Trump and Russia five years later, as Russia is likely to try to help Trump again when he returns in 2024, and the connection between Trump and Russia is hurting the failed former president of one term with voters.

There’s a reason Congressmen called Nunes a Russian asset.

Donald Trump was not drafted by the Clintons and Joe Biden about Russia. Trump’s own behavior as president sounded the alarm while holding secret meetings with Putin alone and refusing to confront the Russian autocrat for four years.

Joe Biden was a strong opponent of Putin, and unlike Trump and Nunes, there is no connection between President Biden and Russia.

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