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Dozens of Massachusetts troops resign before the deadline for mandatory vaccination by the state

This week, a judge in the Massachusetts Supreme Court refused to delay the delay in the state’s vaccine mandate that begins on October 17. The decision has already led to a wave of state troops submitting their paperwork to leave power, and even more are expected to resign before the mandate begins.

“Tientalle” has already stopped, according to the boss of the State Police Union, Michael Cherven.

“We are disappointed in the judge’s ruling; however, we respect her decision.

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So far, dozens of soldiers have already submitted their resignation papers. ”

Now that the judge has denied that the mandate has been postponed or amended, troops planning to stay and have not received a vaccine have only a few days to choose which experimental jab they want to take. Any officer who did not get his first shot by the deadline loses his job – About 20% of them are still not vaccinated.

Officers are completely “fed up” with the order of Republican Gov. Charlie Baker demanding that they take the piece. The policy was introduced on 19 August and applies to all employees of the Executive Branch – including the state troops. The only people who can get exemption from the order are those who have a medical or religious justification – which is very rarely approved.

It is one of the strictest mandates in the whole country and offers ‘no reasonable alternatives’.

Cherven explained that the soldiers just want the same choice as their fellow officers in other local municipalities. The 1,800-member union was willing to negotiate — this is actually their ‘preferred route’ – but the governor’s office refused to give way.

‘It is unfortunate that the governor and his team have chosen to draw up one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the whole country without reasonable alternatives.

Simply put, all we ask is the same basic accommodation that numerous other departments provided to their first respondents, and to treat a Covid-related illness as a duty injury, ‘ Said Chevren.

Several of the troops will return to their former police departments that are outside the area of ​​the governor’s vaccine mandate, and still allow regular tests and masks for officers who do not want to take the rushed vaccine.

The departure of so many officers will become a huge burden for the already exhausted state police. Special units investigating murders, terrorism, computer crimes and human trafficking, among others, will be hit the hardest.

Somehow these vaccine mandates successfully purge the ranks for links.

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