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Greg Abbott falls apart on the question of how he will eliminate all rape in Texas

Governor Greg Abbott did not have an answer on how he would eliminate all rape in Texas, but he did say he would not sign an abortion exemption for rape or incest.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: Now, in 2019, which is the last year we have numbers for,

Nearly 15,000 cases of rape have been reported in your state of Texas, and

almost everyone says that it is a serious subdivision, that there is much more

cases that are simply not reported.

Is it reasonable to tell someone who is the victim of rape and not

understand that they are pregnant, up to six weeks, well, do not

worry about it, because we’re going to get rid of rape as a problem

State of Texas?

ABBOTT: Well, there are a lot of things I have to say on this. But

the first thing is, of course, that survivors of sexual assault, they

deserve support, care and compassion. And Texas is rising

sure we provide it by signing a law and creating in the governor

office a task force survivors of sexual assault.

But apart from that, Chris, I need to point out the ways I

fought to arrest and arrest and attempted to eliminate rape. I

demanded the death penalty for repeat rapists –

WALLACE: But – but – but, governor – governor, apology – governor,

excuse me, because we’re taking up time. There were more than 15,000

rapes in 2019 when you were governor. Let me just ask this question, a

State Representative, Republican State Representative – says he

will present a new measure that will restore the exception to the Texas

abortion law for victims of rape and incest.

When it comes to your desk, will you draw it or not?

ABBOTT: Well, we have to go back, Chris, to why the

law was adopted in the first place. And the goal is to protect the lives of

every child with a heartbeat. And that’s why we’re working to achieve that


WALLACE: Including – including a child – including –

ABBOTT: Chris – I – I need to point this out, Chris, and this is what

this – this –

WALLACE: Including a child of a rape – of a rape?

ABBOTT: That – this goal is in line with the United States

The Supreme Court has written, and these are states that have the ability to make sure

that we protect the health and safety of the mother and child. And

this is what we want to do here.

And I have to add, and that is, Texas provided just over $ 100

million in funding for maternity centers in the state of Texas to help

those who want to make sure that they (ph) will be able to carry a child

but –

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: But so be it – just to close it

you say, sir – I do not want to interrupt, but do you say that you are?

do you not sign an exception to rape and incest?

ABBOTT: Well, first I have to tell you, Chris, you’re making a

hypothetical that it is not going to happen because the bill is not going to

reach my desk.

Greg Abbott is called out for his nonsense about eliminating rape in Texas.

Greg Abbott does not care about rape and incest. He tries to fend off a primary challenge from the right, and if the victims of rape in Texas are forced to conceive babies, it gets better with him.

Gov. Abbott has created a refuge for rapists in Texas, and his false loud talk about eliminating rape cannot hide the fact that he has made it easier for sex offenders to have lifelong control over their victims.

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