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People who voted for Joe Biden are now giving up

Every week, the polling news for Joe Biden gets worse.

A new I & I / TIP poll shows that even people who voted for Biden are now leaving him in large numbers.

Biden is a disaster, and you do not have to look at what effect his presidency has on the country.

Of TIP Insights:

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Me and I / TIPP poll: Biden voters leave him on rides

If an election were held today, a significant number of those who voted for President Joe Biden in November would not do so now, a new I & I / TIPP poll shows. This comes after a spate of recent opinion polls by TIPP and others suggesting Biden’s political support is in free fall, prompting Americans to question his leadership on issues ranging from COVID-19 to the chaos on the southern border of the US to the recent unforced withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The I & I / TIPP poll asked Americans, “If the presidential election were held today, and the next candidates were, who would you vote for?”

Respondents were given the following choices: “Donald Trump, the Republican,” “Joe Biden, the Democrat,” “Other,” “Not sure,” and “Prefer not to answer.”

Only 46% of those who voted in the November 2020 election said they would vote for Biden today, more than five full percentage points below his official total of 51.3% in the 2020 presidential election.

This does not mean that voters wish they had chosen Trump instead, which in recent weeks has indicated a possible repeat in 2024. According to the poll, 42% said they would choose Trump now, compared to the actual total of the election in 2020 of 46.9% …

Also interesting is where Biden has lost the most support — among women, suburbs, moderates, and the middle class. In other words, the main groups that helped place him in the White House.

The questions that now remain are whether Biden will even complete his first term, and if he does, will he try to run again in 2024?

He will then be such damaged goods.

Cross placed from American Lookout.

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