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Both Louisiana Sens. Cassidy and Kennedy vote against disaster relief for their own state

Louisiana Republican senators Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy both voted against disaster relief for their own state.

Cassidy and Kennedy both voted no on a debt ceiling bill containing disaster relief for Louisiana:

The total cost of Hurricane Ida damage could range from $ 70 billion to $ 80 billion. People and businesses in the state urgently need help. One of the most important tasks of a U.S. senator is to help those in their state after a natural disaster, but Cassidy and Kennedy put their party first.

Republicans are so desperate to stop President Biden that they are willing to deny their own voters disaster relief.

The votes by Kennedy and Cassidy are a middle finger for the people of Louisiana. They represent a new low in the Republican Party’s message that people are the last place.

Democrats should only offer disaster relief as part of a debt ceiling package and force Republicans to stab the American people back and forth time and time again.

Mitch McConnell drives Senate Republicans off a cliff, and votes like these will not be forgotten, because when people urgently needed help, Republicans put their party first.

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