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Sen. Roy Blunt blows for absurd lie that infrastructure bill costs $ 3.5 trillion a year

Sen. Roy Blunt lied and tried to tell reporters that the infrastructure would cost $ 3.5 billion in one year if the costs were spread over a decade.

Video by Sen.

Blunt claimed that no one knows what a billion dollars is, and said: ‘The police staff checked and in 2019 all 50 states, compiled, spent $ 2.1 billion. All the government spending in the United States, including the money from the federal government, we gave to them, like the federal highway funds they spent, which was $ 2.1 billion, all 50 states.

Blunt reiterates his false claim a third time that the reconciliation bill costs more than spending all 50 states.

Sen Blunt’s claim is untrue because the cost of the reconciliation bill is spread over ten years, so the annual cost is $ 350 billion, or about one-eighth of what states spend in a year.

Sen Blunt’s lie was met with severe punishment

GovTrack noted that the actual cost of the account is 80% less than what states spend in a year.

Sam Stein tweeted:

Republicans know that the policy is popular in the bill, and therefore they lie about the cost.

Sen. Blunt did not speak wrong. He tried to create a point of conversation, but his talking point is so blatantly false that it was quickly denied. Republicans do not want to argue against the provisions of the Build Back Better agenda, so they try to scare people with lies about the cost.

It will not work.

All Sen Blunt did was reveal how willing Republicans are to lie when it means they should not give the American people what they want.

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