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1/6 committee drops subpoena on 11 Trump rally organizers

The 1/6 committee issued 11 new subpoenas for people who organized the Trump rally and promoted the 1/6 rally.

Via: The 1/6 committee:

Today, Chairman Bennie G. Thompson announced that the select committee has issued summonses for testimony and reports of deposition to individuals related to the events and rallies that led to the January 6 uprising, including the January 6 rally at the Ellipse which immediately preceded the violent attack on the US capital. The subpoenas were sent to 11 individuals as part of the selection committee’s efforts to gather information from them and their related entities about the planning, organization and funding of the events. In letters to the organizers of the rally, Thompson instructed the witnesses to testify during depositions and to set a large series of records.

The Selected Committee examines the facts, circumstances and causes of the January 6 attack and issues relating to the peaceful transfer of power to identify and evaluate the lessons learned and to recommend the laws and policies to the House and its relevant committees. , procedures rules, or regulations. The investigation includes an investigation into how different individuals and entities coordinated their activities prior to the events of January 6, 2021, wrote Chairman Thompson.

Women for America First (WFAF) hosted the January 6, 2021 Ellipse event, Freedom Plaza rallies on November 14 and December 12, 2020, and two March for Trump nationwide bus tours generating interest and attendance at the Washington rallies. has, according to documents provided to the Select Committee regarding permits for the meetings of 5 and 6 January as well as public information.

The summonses seek a series of records containing material dealing with the planning, funding and participation in the events and bus tours; activities on social media of associated entities; and communication with or involvement of officials and legislators of the Trump administration. The Select Committee issued subpoenas for records of the following individuals and their associated entities, instructing the individuals to testify at depositions:

  • Amy Kremer, founder and chairman of WFAF.
  • Kylie Kremer, founder and CEO of WFAF.
  • Cynthia Chafian, submitted the first permit application on behalf of WFAF for the January 6 meeting and founder of the Eighty Percent Coalition.
  • Caroline Wren, which is indicated on the permit paper for the January 6 meeting as ‘VIP Advisor’.
  • Maggie Mulvaney, which is indicated on the permit paper for the January 6 event as ‘VIP Lead’.
  • Justin Corporal, from Event Strategies, Inc., listed on permit paper for the January 6 meeting as ‘Project Manager’.
  • Tim Unes, from Event Strategies, Inc., listed on permit paper for the January 6 meeting as “Stadium Manager”.
  • Megan Powers, from MPowers Consulting LLC, which was listed on permit paper for the January 6 meeting as ‘Operations Manager for Scheduling and Guidance’.
  • Hannah Salem, of Salem Strategies LLC, listed on permit paper for the January 6 meeting as ‘Operations Manager for Logistics and Communications’.
  • Lyndon Brentnall, from RMS Protective Services, which was listed on permit paperwork for the January 6 meeting as ‘on-site supervisor’.

Katrina Pierson, former Trump campaign official, reportedly get involved in the organization of the meetings of 5 and 6 January and was in direct communication with the former president about the meetings.

The 1/6 committee is looking at the rallies in connection with the Capitol attack.

Interestingly, the committee wants to hear from rally organizers who communicated with Trump. The committee is clearly investigating whether the rallies were used to lure a crowd to the capital to overthrow the election.

The committee connects the dots. The Republican story is that the rally and the attack were accidental. The two were not related. It was just a few people in the crowd who ‘behaved like tourists’.

The 1/6 committee looks at something that was possibly much more sinister. The question is whether the rally was held for massive supporters of Trump for an attack?

The answer to the question will reveal how deep and detailed Trump’s riot plot was.

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