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Eminem Surprising fans with mom’s spaghetti are the best surprise

Will the real Slim Shady stand up and accept our order?

On Wednesday, September 28, Eminem made a surprising appearance at the opening of his mother’s new restaurant in downtown Detroit. The company, nicknamed Mom’s Spaghetti, features the classic Italian dish with meatballs and even a s’ghetti sandwich for only $ 11.

According to The Detroit News, fans started queuing around 10:00 local time and was one of the first meals to experience the food.

Around 4 p.m., the first dozen or so fans in line could be served by the only Eminem. “It’s been my dream all my life,” Dinner said. Erin Farrer, 24, tells the publication after meeting the Grammy-winning rapper. “I turned a blind eye.”

While Eminem could not meet every customer, he was able to ride through hundreds of fans waiting in the block, hoping to experience the sweet taste of Mom’s Spaghetti.

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