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George Floyd’s bust is on display in NYC, just a few months after the claim to remove the statue of Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson

Gold busts of George Floyd, John Lewis and Breonna Taylor are on display in New York just three months after the Public Design Commission unanimously voted to remove a statue of Teddy Roosevelt from the American Museum of Natural History.

The three statues to see was after it was unveiled Wednesday in Union Square Park in New York.

The Belmont star reports that the statues “were inspired by the events of 2020 and enabled many people to take a stand to demand justice.”

“The series aims to honor the lives and ongoing messages of art by tying three iconic people together,” they explain.

Apart from the removal of US President Theodore Roosevelt, it is also the same city where members of the city council are demanding that a statue of President Thomas Jefferson – author of the Declaration of Independence – removed from City Hall.

Floyd died a little over a year ago in an arrest involving excessive violence by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, causing nationwide protests and riots.

Chauvin was convicted in April of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree murder.

Floyd spends a lot of his adult years in and out of jail.

John Lewis, the late Congressman, was a civil rights icon.

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George Floyd statue destroyed

The statue of George Floyd was originally unveiled in Flatbush, Brooklyn, last June for the Juneteenth celebration. It has been vandalized less than a week later.

Five days after the Juneteenth was unveiled, the NYPD announced that “officers have discovered graffiti on a George Floyd bust and pedestal” in Brooklyn.

“An unknown individual painted the statue’s face black and covered the words on the pedestal with the black spray paint,” police said.

The incident sparked a hate crime investigation.

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Roosevelt, Jefferson canceled

The bust of George Floyd, John Lewis, Breonna Taylor appears a few months after the American Museum of Natural History announced an iconic statue of President Teddy Roosevelt to be removed.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio last year called for the removal of the Roosevelt statue, claiming it “explicitly portrays black and indigenous people as submissive and racially inferior.”

Roosevelt is a man of such historical interest that he is remembered along with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln on Mount Rushmore – widely regarded as some of America’s most revered presidents.

Sam Biederman, chief of staff and assistant commissioner at NYC Parks, gave an ‘awake’ word salad explanation when he announced that Roosevelt’s statue would be removed.

“Although historical circumstances indicate that this image was not intentionally erected, the constituent hierarchy … visually supports the thematic framework of colonization and racism,” he said.

And Teddy is not the only figure from Mount Rushmore who has been canceled, as mentioned earlier.

Just over a year ago, New York City councilors argued the removal of a statue of Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the country.

“The statue of Thomas Jefferson in the city council chambers is inappropriate and serves as a constant reminder of the injustice that has plagued color communities since the inception of our country,” councilors wrote in a letter to the mayor. “It must be removed.”

They describe Jefferson’s statue as one of several ‘disturbing images of division and racism in our city’.

President Trump half joked four years ago that the radical left would never be content to tear down statues of Confederate figures β€” and that statues of President George Washington would descend if we followed this path.

‘George Washington was a slave owner … Are we going to take statues to George Washington? How’s Thomas Jefferson? Trump asked at the time.

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