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Justice Sotomayor Rejects Request to Block New York School Vaccine Mandate

Justice Sonia Sotomayor rejected a request to block the mandate of vaccine for public schools in New York for teachers.

CNN reported:

Sotomayor did not refer the request to the other judges of the Supreme Court or comment on her actions, which probably indicates that they agree with her decision. In August, Judge Amy Coney Barrett also rejected an attempt to block the University of Indiana’s vaccine mandate.

In court documents, advocates for the teachers argued that New York, as well as the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, placed an ‘unconstitutional burden’ on public teachers. They wanted the Supreme Court to block the mandate while the appeal process was completed.

The teachers claimed that their due process and equal protection rights were violated under the Constitution, but New York, as the teachers’ employer, has a legal right to determine the conditions of service.

Employees cannot sue for overturning vaccine mandates. New York requires teachers who refuse to be vaccinated to take unpaid leave for a year.

It is frightening that any teacher wants to spread COVID or possibly get sick himself and die because he refuses to be vaccinated.

There are other states that do not require any vaccination. If a teacher does not want to be vaccinated, they can go to class in Florida, Texas or Mississippi because New York does not want teachers.

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