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Launch of a new Esports Entertainment and Community Era

RUSH.GG redefines gaming and e-sports platforms

RUSH.GG is turning into games and implementing what Amazon is in retail online and Instagram on social media – one of the largest entertainment and community platforms worldwide. At RUSH.GG, gamers will discover a diverse product range consisting of different features such as news, creator hubs, tournaments, events and content.


The platform offers players, fans, communities, content creators, gaming organizations and publishers a one-time solution to meet the needs of every stakeholder. The multitude of features and functions on the platform create a clear added value for everyone involved. After intensive preparation and months of development, RUSH.GG has launched a large and unique entry-level community event. The event is accompanied by various high-ranking stars from the gaming and lifestyle industry and brings together some of the biggest and best-known creators in the German- and English-speaking communities on the platform.

Zug (CH), With its international launch, RUSH.GG is implementing platform solutions for the GSA market, the UK, Scandinavia and the target audiences from the Benelux countries. To emphasize the global approach, the products are also available from the beginning in India, Indonesia and the Middle East.

By merging existing platforms of the two partners 1337 Holding and A Maze Thing in different countries, RUSH.GG ensures the availability of the core values ​​of this joint venture. Adding low technology and market strategies will create relevant synergies needed to precede.

RUSH.GG:HUBs – A unique ecosystem for all users, brands and influencers
Whether it’s sports enthusiasts, content creators, streamers or publishers: with RUSH.GG, all gaming stakeholders are brought together on a central, composite platform. This new approach creates an unprecedented value multiplier.

The so-called RUSH.GG:HUBs are the central element of this ecosystem. From grassroots to established e-sports organizations, hubs enable communities, sponsors, brands and creators to establish their playground. Core features such as tournaments, markets, user rankings, store systems and gamification can manage a complete esports platform with very little hassle.

Martin Wyss, CEO of RUSH.GG: “We, the brains behind RUSH.GG, have been gamers for years and have seen and heard the community’s clear need for a central platform time and time again. We are therefore very proud of it. To present this touch point with RUSH.GG.Users, brands and influencers benefit equally from the many features and can publish content, integrate livestreams or create and organize their own tournaments via the CEOs.Our development roadmap for the upcoming years will ensure that RUSH.GG stays ahead of the curve. “

Flagship Brand Ambassadors On Board With RUSH.GG
The initial list of partners is equally astonishing and promising: Nepenthez, ZwebackHD, CapgunTom, DannyAarons, AJ3, Gorilla, FUTWIZ Jamodo, MattHD are one of the first brand ambassadors with their own hub on RUSH.GG. Future partnerships start in the coming days and weeks. The first publishers had already implemented different formats and tournament series on an earlier version of the platform. The launch of RUSH.GG brought more than 10 million views of the platform within the first hours.

The daily dose of play and entertainment
Daily prize money tournaments in FIFA, VALORANT and Pokémon Unite started yesterday. Popular games like Clash of Clans, Rocket League, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and League of Legends will be launching soon.

The official hub of RUSH.Europe as well as the verified partners and brand ambassador hubs will be launched next week with major community events.

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