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The media is doing it wrong. Democrats are close to infrastructure agreement.

The media has established their false narrative that Biden’s agenda will fail, and they are ignoring the fact that Democrats are concluding an agreement.

Speaker Pelosi mentions progress with infrastructure talks

It was a day of progress in fulfilling the president’s vision to build better. Thanks to so many members and staff, the work is done. Talks are continuing with the House, Senate and White House to reach a two-chamber framework agreement to better rebuild through a reconciliation bill.

Thank you to members of our caucus for your participation and patience over the past few days. The dual infrastructure bill has already been enacted and the debate has been concluded. All this momentum brings us closer to shaping the Reconciliation Bill in a way that the House and Senate will approve.

The House and Senate are getting closer to agreeing on a spending amount

Jake Sherman tweeted:

The press misread Joe Manchin

Jonathan Chait pointed out what Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) did not say to reporters:

Progressive Manchin and House will negotiate. Both want to reach an agreement. Manchin has never said he does not support the legislation, but the cost has been raised. Sen. Manchin also said he would pay any bill that was paid in full, and he wants to repeal the Trump tax cut.

The cost of the Trump tax cut was $ 2.3 trillion. The gap between $ 1.5 trillion and $ 3.5 trillion is $ 2.5 trillion. It is possible that the final number will end up somewhere in this series.

Democrats include success, but corporate media does not care.

The American people saw this with the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The corporate media in DC builds its own narrative and makes its coverage to fit it. The media coverage of Afghanistan only changed after the poll showed that the media was wrong and that the American people did not agree.

It’s been years since America experienced active political negotiations on major legislation, but that’s what the Democrats are doing. Our for-profit corporate media needs drama and conflict to increase revenue and ratings. All their coverage goes through a drama and conflict filter. They do not know how to cover incremental progress and give and take.

Democrats are going to do infrastructure, but the coverage has misled the American people about how they get there.

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