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1/6 committee drops hammer and threatens Trump witnesses with criminal references

The House Select 1/6 committee does not play games and will make criminal references for Trump and other Republican witnesses who refuse to testify.

The 1/6 committee can refer Trump witnesses who refuse to testify for criminal charges.

Video from Representative Raskin:

Rep. Raskin said when MSNBC’s Ali Velshi asked if there would be criminal references for criminal activity or did not show up to testify:

It can be both. When we get to people who have committed crimes on January 6, we’ll turn it around, but at at the same time the chairman indicated our determination get all the information we have ask for. It is not discretionary whether optional. These are the summonses of the government or documents from you, you have to testify unless you want to make a fifth amendment privilege against it self-blame, and we do not think it exists.

If someone like President Trump wants to come forward hypothetical or someone else and say I practice privilege against it self-blame and it puts down from a very different process where they can be used immunity. In other words, we will immunize you from using any information You give us, but you still do must testify. So it is also possible. The point is we are not going play these games during the Trump administration when they treat a summons as if it were optional, and it is not what it is.

These are deadly serious things. We ask for the information, and we owe a comprehensive report to the American people about what happened and what changes we have to go through the whole system of government and security to protect democracy against the right, violent extremist attacks and political manipulation and clues.

Trump and his group of insurgents cannot hide from the 1/6 committee.

The message of rep. Raskin is that the 1/6 committee has the White House behind them and that they do not get confused. Trump and his fellow conspirators can no longer hide behind the power of the presidency, and if they refuse to testify, they will be criminally charged, fined or both.

Trump will certainly claim executive privilege or sue, but there is a belief that he has no executive privilege and that any lawsuit is likely to fail.

The 1/6 committee comes to understand the whole story of the Capitol attack, and the story could condemn Trump and the Republicans in the House and Senate.

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