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Jacqueline Fernandez hits 55 million followers on Instagram, actress celebrates achievement with special post | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

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Jacqueline Fernandez leaves a happy picture when she views 55 million followers on Instagram

Jacqueline Fernandez reached another milestone on Instagram. She now has 55 million followers on the platform! She is now among the top Bollywood celebrities who exceeded the big 50 mark, such as Deepika Padukone with her 60.5 million followers, Alia Bhatt with her 55.2 million followers, Katrina Kaif who has 54.1 million followers and Anushka Sharma who has 52.8 million followers. In celebration of the achievement, Jacqueline went to Instagram to share a beautiful picture of herself and posted it as ‘Yay !! 55 strong !!!! ‘In the age of social media, we’re all too aware that there’s something like rediscovering or refurbishing yourself on the platform. Watch Jacqueline and all her fellow Bollywood actors. Yes, we see them on screen; they let us be bowled with their performances – everything is fine! But they leave the most lasting impression on the gram, and that’s the truth. Watch the video for more details.

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