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Speaker Pelosi gives Democrats a deadline of October 31 to complete infrastructure

Speaker Pelosi told Democrats on Saturday that the infrastructure bills should be done by October 31st.

Pelosi gives Democrats until Halloween to complete infrastructure.

Pelosi said in a letter to her colleagues at PoliticusUSA:

It’s about time! Yesterday, we extended the legislative day from Thursday, September 30 to Friday, and we managed to run the dual infrastructure framework and to promote Build Back Better. But we needed more time to reach our goal, which we will do.

It’s about time! We are all very proud of the rescue package, which is a giant step towards meeting the needs of the American people, by sending hundreds of millions of gun tents, money into people’s pockets, workers back to work and children safely back to school. sit. There is an expiration date for some of the initiatives, which is why we need to extend them – for example, the child tax credit, which has saved millions of children from poverty, but which needs to be extended. Thanks to the House Democrats’ Child Tax Credit Week of Action and indeed many more days of action, with outside groups, we have mobilized a wide public support for this initiative. This applies to many aspects of the rescue package.

It’s about time! There is a deadline of October 31 for authorization for surface transport, after a critical extension of 30 days passed last night. We have to pass BIF ahead of time – the sooner the better, to get the job there.

It’s about time! Every opportunity I get, I want to acknowledge and appreciate the time and work of committee chairs, members and staff for their disciplined focus on achieving the goal of 15 September, so that the budget committee can supplement the legislation on 25 September to the end of September. .

Time was interrupted two weeks ago when the prospect of an amended budget made the climb to agreement stronger. But still the work continues. Since it all starts with the priorities and then seeing what it all contributes to, it’s important to know that it all counts to ZERO, because Build Back Better gets paid. Negotiations are now continuing, with more time for decisions, legal language, parliamentary review of the Senate and public awareness.

It’s about time! To perform the task of meeting the needs of the people in a transformative way in order to build better. There were two dynamics at work: a commitment to the date that can be reached under the original budget agreement, and a commitment not to bring BIF to the floor unless we have consensus on both the top lines in the Build Back Better Act and the policies contained and commitments of all stakeholders in the House and Senate that they support the agreement: criteria proposed by members.

Out of respect for our colleagues who support the bills and out of recognition for the need for both, I would not bring BIF to the floor. Once again, we will and must accept both accounts soon. We have the responsibility and the opportunity to do so. People are waiting and want results.

Sens. Manchin and Cinema continue the process.

There is no major conflict within the Democratic Party. The accounts are held by Sens.Mansjin and Cinema who object to the price. Progressives and the White House are willing to negotiate the cost, it is therefore a matter of coming to a number that these two senators will accept.

President Biden proposed $ 2 trillion on Friday. Manchin wants to repeal Trump’s tax cuts, which cost $ 2.3 trillion, so that a number in the $ 2- $ 2.5 billion range looks like the nice place.

Speaker Pelosi’s message was loud and clear. The time is ticking. Democrats will not be confused all day, so it’s time to finalize the agreement and pass this legislation.

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