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Why Netflix’s new Hit Squid game is perfect for a haunting season

Nothing screams Halloween like a scary twist on a childhood favorite.

And that’s exactly what Netflixlatest global phenomenon Inquisition game serve up, as the characters at the heart of the survival drama have the task of playing games from their childhoods – and die if they fail. Case: A game “Red light, green light” turns out to be particularly deadly, with more than half of the competitors dying in episode one.

So, how exactly did the characters – played by Lee Jung-jae, Hae-soo Park, Jung Ho-yeon, O Yeong-su, Heo Sung-tae and more – do they find themselves in this dystopian nightmare? “You all live in this room on the edge,” a masked man told the group early on, “with debts you can’t pay off.”

While the participants are told that they can decide from the experience, they are assured that billions will be awarded to the winner. Intrigue? Well you are not the only one Inquisition game is well on his way to breaks the current record previously broken by Bridgerton. (For those in need of refurbishment, 82 million households have moved to the Shonda Rhimesdrama produced on Netflix in the first month.)

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