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Republican doctor commits sabotage by issuing blank COVID exemption forms

A doctor in Connecticut handed in her medical license after an investigation revealed that she had given signed blank vaccination exemption forms to anyone who sent a seal envelope herself.

Via Business Insider:

An anonymous tip to the Connecticut Medical Examination Board prompted an investigation into retired Dr. Sue McIntosh.

She emailed “fraudulent vaccine release forms” regarding COVID-19 vaccines, common vaccines, COVID tests and medical opposition to wearing face masks, “the investigation said. Patients, when they received these forms, only need to fill in their name and date and then choose a reason for a mask release, the records show.


Additional documents provided by the state Department of Health said McIntosh also instructed patients to “copy and distribute as many forms as they want.”

McIntosh needed to know she was going to be caught. She encouraged people to duplicate and distribute the blank forms.

Helping people cheat the system and endanger public health does not protect freedom. People do not have the freedom to get COVID and infect others.

This kind of sabotage from within is why the pandemic is still a problem in the United States. Once Trump politicized the issue of masks, he set the country up for disease, death and failure.

America will never be able to defeat COVID as long as Republicans deliberately undermine public health.

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