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The chairman of the budget committee of the House says that the federal government can ‘afford everything’ (VIDEO)

Democrat Rep. John Yarmuth is the chairman of the House Budget Committee. During a recent appearance on CNN, he claimed that the federal government could afford anything.

Really? Is this what is now going through for the truth?

If the federal government can afford something, then why not just make every American a millionaire?

Here is a partial transcript via Real clear politics:

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REP. JOHN YARMUTH: The number itself is meaningless. I mean, I read Joe Manchin’s statement, I listened to him; he has no understanding of how the federal government’s monetary system works when he compares it to his household income yesterday, which is not relevant to what we can do.

It’s not a matter of what we can afford. The federal government can afford everything it feels it needs to do, and at the moment we need to focus on that. This is the position I have taken in the Budget Committee, this is the position I will take in the future.

The shame is that we have an opposition party, the Republican Party, that does not think the federal government has an obligation to do anything about providing child care, child education, paid family and medical leave. Law on the rebuilding of better.

Here is the video:

Can you even believe he said that?

How is this guy chairing the budget committee?

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