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Did Damian Lewis leave billions for good? He says …

Bobby Axelrod left the chat.

The final of season five on Sunday 3 October was the actor Damian Lewis‘go out Showtime‘s Billions, while his character hid abroad to escape a legal situation. And when season six arrives in January 2022, it’s rival Mike Prince (Corey Stoll) who will be the leading billionaire.

With his departure from the series, Lewis shares with The New York Times that the story of his character was told in its entirety and added: “It’s hard to stay creative mining … We know who he is.”

Although Lewis continues Billions came to an end in almost six months woman follows Helen McCrory‘s death, he told the publication that it was not a factor in his decision. Per die Homeland alum, he “always just assumed it would be enough.”

Yet part of season five was filmed in London, where Lewis’ family lives. Billions creator and exhibitors Brian Koppelman explain to the Times that they would not ask him to come to America [to film] in that situation. “

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