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FIFA welcomes quarantine exemption for international students in UK

FIFA has said it has worked closely with the UK government, FA and Premier League to find a reasonable solution.© AFP

FIFA welcomes on Sunday a relaxation of quarantine regulations that allow it Premier League players to travel to represent their nations in countries on the UK red list for travel. A number of South American and African stars were not released by their clubs for the international break in September, as they would have to sit in quarantine in a government mandate for 10 days during their return to England. The exemption only applies to those who have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus, and players will still be forced to stay 10 days alone in a hotel or private accommodation provided by the club.

However, they will be allowed to play or practice once a day.

“FIFA welcomes the decision of the British Government to give fully vaccinated players the opportunity to represent their countries in the upcoming qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup and return from a red list country to custom quarantine conditions, ‘said the governing body of world football.

“We have worked closely with the UK Government, Football Association and Premier League to find a reasonable solution, in the interest of all, and we believe it is a much more desirable solution to the situation facing players in September. Came. “

The bespoke solution has still been criticized by clubs for the mental impact it can have on players who can spend up to three weeks without their families.

“The players go with their national teams for 10-12 days. Then another ten days away from their families in quarantine. It is 22 days and two weeks later there is another international break,” said Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool, Said Friday.

“It’s not right, we’re just shifting the responsibility to the players. If you’m ready to do that, then stay here.”


Players also run the risk of not being able to travel if they are not fully vaccinated.

‘We acknowledge that this decision does not help every player, and we are still committed to further improving the situation for future windows and to joining discussions to explain more about the many measures we are taking to address the risks of COVID reduce transfer to the community. of the journey of players, ”reads the FIFA statement.

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