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For the first time, I only gave a 1/6 attacker who is harsher than the recommended prison sentence

The prosecution recommended probation for 1/6 striker Matthew Mazzocco, but the judge sent him to jail.

Buzzfeed News reported:

The sentence before U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan was the first time that a judge presiding over the hundreds of January 6 prosecutions in Washington, DC, had imposed a sentence that was heavier than the government requested. Chutkan noted that in the months since his arrest in mid-January, Mazzocco had already been allowed to go home and be with his family, saying his sentence should be stricter.

“There should be consequences for participating in an attempted violent overthrow of the government rather than sitting at home,” Chutkan said.

The government recommended three months of house arrest and probation for the crime of parade, demonstration or pick-up in the Capitol.

The judge disagreed and instead sent him to a half jail for a month. While it may not seem like much time, many of the Trump terrorists are appalled at the prospect of taking jail time.

With so many people to prosecute, it is important that what these individuals have tried to do is not rejected. These are people who tried to overthrow the US government.

They should be severely punished for sending a message, and behind bars this is where they belong.

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