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WebMD’s John Bookte’s new book shows how to reduce the risk of cancer

When you hear your doctor say, ‘You have cancer,’ it’s a moment no one could forget.

But what if there was a way to help those words ever be said to you?

Some people will never escape a cancer diagnosis, it has been inscribed in their genes since birth. But for many, there are steps we can take to help Cancer less and less a threat.

This is the subject of the new book, Take control of your cancer risk, by John Whyte, MD, Chief Medical Officer at WebMD.

The book, which will be available in hardcover on October 5, explores one of the biggest myths about cancer: that it’s mostly genetic, which means you have no control over whether you can get it. Whyte explains how genetics affects the risk of cancer, but shows that lifestyle and the environment play the most important role.

Take control, which will be available nationwide at all major bookstores and online, discuss how you can assess your own cancer risk, know what shows you should get and when you should get them, and how you can eat food, exercise and sleep affects your health.

“You have the power to reduce your cancer risk, and this book will show you how easy it is,” says Whyte.

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