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Alicia Witt on how an unfortunate walk-in with a black cat changed her life

It was such a shock, like being hit hard in the face with something big, hot and heavy. I did not register that anything significant had happened until I saw the appearance of Keri’s face. When I touch my face, I realize how badly I am bleeding. My upper lip was completely split in two.

In the ambulance, the EMT man said, “Well, you know, scars give you character.” My head and heart were pounding. I was twenty-eight years old and at that point I got the idea that your appearance as a female actor was synonymous with your career … I was not only afraid that I would have to be replaced in this film. , but that my livelihood as I knew it would be over.

But when our director, Mike Binder, with us in the ER waiting room, he assures me, “I want you to know that we do not matter, you will not lose the part.” … After I thanked him through my tears, Mike thought about it for a while and then said one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard: ‘Hey, at least you don’ t have to worry about what’s going on. not ever again. “Cat falling from the sky on his face: look!

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