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Joe Biden makes bizarre remark about Michigan’s first governor to the enthusiastic crowd (VIDEO)

It was weird.

Joe Biden traveled to Howell, Michigan, on Tuesday to draft his $ 3.5 billion unpopular ‘infrastructure’ plan.

Thousands of Trump supporters take to the streets Tuesday to greet Joe Biden when he arrives in Howell.

Trump supporters waved ‘F * ck Joe Biden’ flags and gave Biden the middle finger as his presidential motorcycle passed by.

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The small crowd that Biden spoke to at the International Union of Operating Engineers training facility was also not so excited to see him.

‘Hello, Michigan! It’s good to be back! Says Biden for a few groans.


Then Biden made a bizarre remark about Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her lieutenant governor, Garlin Gilchrist

After praising Governor Whitmer, Joe Biden thanked the lieutenant governor who ‘covered her in every way, both in terms of physical and mental, and in every other way’.


Here is a picture of the seat in Joe Biden’s speech:

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