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Pakistani actress Ushna Shah is upset about Sanjay Leela Bhansali for making a web series about Lahore’s ‘Heeramandi’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

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Pakistani actress Ushna Shah calls on Sanjay Leela Bhansali to create a web series on ‘Heeramandi’

Sanjay Leela Bhansali electrified and amazed his fans when he announced his ambitious web program ‘Heeramandi’ in collaboration with an online platform. The series contains stories about the court servants of ‘Heeramandi’, a red light district in Lahore of the pre-independent India. The project caused a debate in the neighboring country. Many Pakistani artists are unhappy about the fact that an Indian filmmaker will tell the stories of ‘HeeraMandi’. The latest one to be announced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the Pakistani actress Ushna Shah. Ushna writes: ‘Cultural cooperation is one thing, but it is appropriation. If we imitate ourselves, the project will lose authenticity! India has a wealth of rich culture and history to film; it is not their own to make! “Later she replied to a Twitter user: ‘Heera mandi was in Lahore, Lahore is in Pakistan. Its relevance is to the Mughal Empire on which Pakistani history is mainly based. It would be like a Pakistani director making a film about Mahabharata. ‘A few other Pakistani artists have also raised questions about the Pakistani film industry in the past. In an interview, Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain said: ‘Heera Mandi is here in Lahore and the film about this is being made by Indians. And then we criticize how Indians show false narratives. God knows when we will talk about such issues when we will tell our stories. “Actress Hira Tareen also reacted to this, saying: ‘We do not make films on such issues, because if we do, a fatwa will be issued and producers will lose their money.’ She further posed a question that said, “Do you really think that Pakistan’s electronic regulatory authority can tolerate a narrative of the real stories of Heera Mandi or any other similar subject?” TV actress Mansha Pasha also had the same views and in a conversation she said: ‘India is making a film about Lahore and the infamous Heera Mandi of yesteryear, because we live in a country where fictional stories are regularly censored and everyone keeps arguing about what is morally acceptable fiction or not. “She also added: ‘Others make the most of the opportunity to use the stories from our country, mark them and sell them to the rest of the world. Eventually we will have stories left over from someone else’s mouth. Meanwhile, during an interview, Sanjay Leela Bhansali mentioned ‘Heeramandi’ as an important milestone in his journey as a filmmaker. The filmmaker said: ‘This is an epic, first of its kind series based on the court officials of Lahore. This is an ambitious, grand and all-encompassing series. I’m nervous but excited about it. ‘

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