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Trump dropped from Forbes’ list of the richest Americans

Trump’s finances got such a nose that he’s on the Forbes list of the richest Americans for the first time in a quarter century.

Via Forbes:

Donald Trump is worth an estimated $ 2.5 billion, leaving him $ 400 million to make the Forbes 400 list of this year’s richest people. The real estate magnate is just as rich as he was a year ago, when he was at number 339 in the rankings, but he has dropped $ 600 million since the start of the pandemic. Technology stocks, cryptocurrencies and other assets flourished in the Covid era. But large city properties – which make up the bulk of Trump’s fortune – have weakened, knocking the former president out of the country’s most exclusive club.

Trump has $ 1 billion in callable loans and has lost $ 1 billion since 2017

Trump had assets worth $ 3.5 billion after winning the 2016 election, but he has lost $ 1 billion since winning the 2016 election, and has an extra $1 billion loans due, and may be confronted hundreds of millions of dollars in fines from the IRS.

Trump loses tenants in his buildings aand needs a political return, because politics seems to be his only source of income.

Donald Trump’s myth is based on false claims of business success and wealth, but the reality is that Trump is losing money, and on the trajectory he is pursuing, a failed political return in 2024 could lead to total financial ruin.

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