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BiP’s Kendall confronts Joe just before his planned proposal

Three couples met during the Bachelor in Paradise season seven finale, but it was the final proposal that brought more than its share of drama.

On Tuesday, October 5, viewers saw Kenny Braasch put on a ring Mari Pepinfinger, followed by Maurissa Gunn a proposal of acceptance Riley Christian. Then it was “Grocery Store” Joe AmabileIt’s his turn to show his love for Serena pitt after their glorious time in the fantasy suite. “I’m ready to get engaged to Serena now,” he told the camera.

However, things are never that simple paradise. Suddenly Joe’s ex comes Kendall Long reappeared on the beach after volunteering left a few weeks ago because of the pain she felt when she looked at Joe and Serena.

While Joe stands alone on the beach waiting for Serena’s arrival, Kendall approaches him. “Probably not what you expected,” she says. Joe replied, “Oh, no, it was not.”

She further explained that she initially decided to take part this season to go beyond her previous paradise relationship with Joe started it on season five in 2018, but to see him again where they had once fallen in love was too difficult to move past.

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