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‘Bollywood is not my cup of tea’, says Mahendra Singh Dhoni as he begins his retirement plans | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

His journey in the cricket world was told on the big screen by the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput in the biopic ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story; but Dhoni is far from ready to face the camera himself, at least not permanently. The icon can shoot for TVCs from time to time, and he does it so well that people often wonder if acting is going well. However, he recently made it clear that he does not have one Bollywood plan after retirement. He said through a portal: ‘Bollywood is not really my cup of tea. When it comes to advertising, I like to do it. As for movies, I feel that it is a very difficult profession and very difficult to manage. I would let the movie stars do that because they are very good at it. I will stay with cricket. The closest I can get to acting is commercials and nothing more than that. ‘Cricketers have been making comos in movies for a long time, but there are also those who make a permanent switch to the glamorous world after trying. Recently, the ash cricketer, Harbhajan Singh, who is no stranger to the cameras, made his acting debut with the Tamil film ‘Friendship’. He has previously played small roles in films, but has never been seen in a full-fledged role. Earlier, in an interview with a portal, when Singh was asked if he wanted to see his own story on the big screen one day, he said and we quote: ‘Yes, I would like to see my own story in the cinemas play OTT platforms. I think this is something I have in my mind. I have to make a movie or a web series about my life in the future and tell my story – where I came from, where I am now in life and what can happen in your life if you work hard. ‘

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