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Steve Schmidt exclaims Mitch McConnell’s Game masterfully

Steve Schmidt provides insight and explanation on what Mitch McConnell does, and that may not be what you think.


Schmidt said about MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

Now, the issue of debt ceiling, what we are talking about over, is a standard at full faith and credit of the United States of America. So this is not a debate or Joe Biden and the D.democratic congress wants spend too much money. And there are a lot of people looking at the amount of money and say that the quantity is concerned they. I would be one of those people. That’s not what this debate is about. over. What this debate is about or the $ 8 trillion of spending, the money that was already spend, away, poof, spend it, on national credit map – whether we should make the debt payment on it spending.

And if we do not make the payment on the expenses we venture much, many things to the american economy, and we run the risk of harming it tens and tens and tens of millions of American families. And the reason for that is Mitch McConnell, and the Republicans wants to create chaos. And then they will continue to change that chaos repair that was not broken before they broke it. This is extremely, extremely cynical.

Mitch McConnell is trying to inflate the US and global economies for a talking point in the campaign.

Minority leader McConnell does not have a broader principle or an agenda he wants to implement for the country.

McConnell wants to inflate the national and global economy because he believes the resulting chaos will cause good campaign advertising.

The Kentucky senator needs something for the Republican candidates to continue next year, and so he decided to fix the economy that he had broken the center of the campaign.

It is a cynical strategy that smells like a party that is desperate to come back to power, but cannot give voters a single positive reason why they should vote for them.

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