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Shenaz Treasury gives a virtual tour of the Cordelia voyage, which is in the news after Aryan Khan was arrested | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Since the Mumbai craft drug case was unveiled featuring star Super Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, the luxury and exclusive cruise line, Cordelia cruise is the trend on social media. Now actress and influencer on social media Shenaz Treasury has the virtual tour of the Cordelia vessel, the Empress in which the rave party was held on 2 October. Using her Instagram handle, Shenaz shared a video in which she was seen walking with her family on board, and right off the deck where the alleged drug party was held to the indoor cabin, she took a tour of the giants – ship. She has a caption of the video as’ Ships? Trains Aircraft? Bicycles? Or motors? Or something else? Which one are you ?? I’m a boat. I was conceived on a ship. My father was a captain. I have been on many ships, but never on a passenger voyage! While sharing a glimpse of her ‘first cruise’ experience, the actress also dropped a few other posts in which she could appear in front of the camera. In one of the posts, the actress dropped a video of herself from the ship, where she can watch excitedly as she prepares to watch the beautiful sunset of the ship. Another report shows her sitting on the window of her cabin while posing for the camera with the blue water in the background. Speaking of the drug bosom, after which this vessel came into the spotlight on October 2, the Narcotics Control Bureau carried out a surprise attack on a rave party organized on the ship off the coast of Mumbai on the basis of a clue . After the raid, NCB officials along with others detained Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, from the ship and later arrested them. The NCB claimed that it had seized illicit drugs on board.

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