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USS Connecticut submarine suffers from collision underwater in the Indo-Pacific

The USS Connecticut (SSN-22) suffered an underwater collision on October 2 and is returning to the U.S. port, according to USNI News.

The submarine hit an object while it was immersed in the Indo-Pacific area.

There were no life-threatening injuries.

USNI News report:

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A US submarine with nuclear attacks has been damaged in international waters in the Western Pacific, USNI News has learned.

The Seawolf class nuclear attack submarine USS Connecticut (SSN-22) suffered an underwater collision while working in international waters on October 2 and returning to port in the U.S. 7th Fleet, a U.S. Pacific spokesman said. fleet confirmed to USNI News on Thursday.

“The sea wolf class fast attack submarine USS Connecticut (SSN-22) hit an object on the afternoon of October 2 while it was under water in international waters in the Indo-Pacific area. The safety of the crew remains the navy’s highest priority. “There are no life-threatening injuries,” Capt. Bill Clinton told USNI News.

“The submarine remains in a safe and stable condition. USS Connecticut’s nuclear-powered plant and spaces have not been affected and remain fully operational. The extent of the damage to the rest of the submarine is assessed. The U.S. Navy did not ask for help. The incident will be investigated. ”

A Navy official told USNI News about 11 sailors were injured in the incident with minor to minor injuries. The attack boat is now on its way to Guam and is expected to set sail within the next day, the official said.

The Kitsap-Bremerton Naval Base, Washington, based submarine deployed to the Pacific Ocean on May 27 announced the fleet at the time. The service released photos of the submarine operating in the western Pacific with port calls at the end of July and August. According to the service, the U.S. Navy Commander, Adm. Karl Thomas, visiting the submarine in August.

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