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When Sanjay Mishra performs, goes to work at a dhaba in Rishikesh | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Today, actor Sanjay Mishra is considered among the most talented actors in Indian film. He may not be described as a ‘superstar’, but his impeccable acting skills and the rare connection he has with the audience through his characters on screen, speaks volumes about him and is enough to make him stand out among other actors. However, his journey to success was not a piece of cake. He experienced an extreme struggle and even saw the time when he left the showbiz and started cooking and tackling a task at a Dhaba in Rishikesh. Like the actor When we got a year older on October 6, we came across an old interview with him where he remembered his difficult days and said, ‘The time was different. I had no complaints about the industry. I have had complaints about my life. My father passed away at that time, and even I had an illness. Doctors removed 15 liters of pus from my stomach and just after it healed, I lost my father. I started losing my life. So, I went to Rishikesh and started making omelettes at a dhaba near the banks of Ganga. The owner of the dhaba told me I will have to wash 50 cups a day and I will get Rs 150. But then I thought I needed money for my survival. ‘Furthermore, he revealed how a call from filmmaker Rohit Shetty changed fate for him. He said: ‘After working there for a day, people visiting the Dhaba began to recognize me. They always said ‘Arre aap to Golmaal mein the na’ and wanted to take pictures with me. In between all this, Rohit Shetty called me and offered me a role in ‘All the Best’. Then I decided to go back to work. He further admitted that he does not care about the ‘rat race’ and that the respect and love he receives from the audience is his ‘reward’.

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