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CNN’s Dana bases Trump on election as true uprising: ‘I was physically ill’

On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump announced a statement in which he calls November 3, 2020 a day of uprising, and plays out the story that the riot that took place on January 6 in the US capital was an uprising.

Trump has long claimed that the 2020 election was ‘stolen’.

CNN’s Dana Bash said on Thursday that Trump’s statement made her feel “physically ill.”

She made her statement on CNN’s program “New Day”.

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Bash: ‘I don’t even have words anymore’

Bash said she was “physically ill to read the statement”. She said Trump still says the election was stolen from him and awarded to Joe Biden, which makes her sick.

Bash said: ‘We are not in the alternative reality. We are in the real world. ”

“I do not even have more words to describe, except to say that I was physically ill when I read the statement when the former president put it out last night,” Bash added. ‘Not because it was surprising, not because it was new, but because it’s still happening.

The CNN host continued: ‘And let’s be clear why he did it then. He did so to give cover to his lieutenants and to encourage them to defy the January 6 committee. ”

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Bash wants Trump Aides sued

Bash said she was ready to testify to certain people.

“As Elie Honig described in the last hour, they are really limited in having the Trump people testify from Mark Meadows to Dan Scavino, even with subpoenas,” Bash added.

“And what the former president did was to keep saying, keep going, and also keep growing and encourage support for the fight among his supporters,” Bash said.

In his statement, Trump addressed the January 6 committee:

So far, there has been no evidence on condition that the election was stolen, while several states are conducting audits or requesting it.

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