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Is Aryan Khan superstitious? The stronger is noticed with a black beaded bracelet before the court hearing | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan’s 23-year-old son Aryan Khan going through a very difficult time. Since the Narcotics Control Bureau arrested Aryan Khan on October 3 after hours of interrogation after a drug collision aboard a vessel, the constellation has been in the eye of the storm. Aryan was arrested by the court for 14 days. Although the star child’s happiness seems to be running out, netizens believe Aryan relies on some common superstitious beliefs. Recently, one of the videos started circulating on social media, in which Aryan is sitting in a car with folded hands NCB officials. But what remained unnoticed was that he wore a black bead bracelet which is seen as a sign of protection, repelling bad evil and negativity. It is said that the bracelet he wore has a spiritual meaning that indicates hope, and it is also believed that it stabilizes your emotions. Black beads symbolize the ability to hold on to hope despite adversity and also to be positive in unhappy times. Especially since his arrest In the infamous case of drugs, this is the first time that Aryan black beads have been seen around his wrist. Meanwhile, during the trial, Aryan’s lawyer read his statement on his behalf: ‘Officers questioned me and arrested me. I have no connection with any of the organizers. I do not deny my friendship with Arbaaz, but I do not relate to his activities. They interviewed me based on my conversations. They did not interrogate me for two nights. Why is interrogation necessary now? “The NCB, however, stated that it was conducting daily raids and that ‘anyone arrested during the attacks would be required to confront the current accused’. Aryan Khan’s bail application will be heard by the special NDPS court on October 8.

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