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POLLING: Confidence in media drops to just 36 percent

Confidence in the media has absolutely broken. How did it happen? It’s pretty easy to see why.

When was the last time a journalist asked Joe Biden about the Americans still trapped in Afghanistan? Wen was the last time they questioned him about the drone attack that killed innocent people, including children?

They do not do this because they are too busy talking about the uprising! on Jan. 6, or how bad Republicans are. They drive a political agenda and they lie and lie and lie.

Why should anyone trust them?

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New Busters reports:

Gallup: Confidence in the media drops to 36 percent, the second lowest ever

Can the mistrust of the media become much greater? Gallup pollsters reported Thursday that U.S. confidence in the media “to report the news fully, accurately and fairly has dropped to 36 percent since last year, making this year’s reading the second lowest in Gallup’s trend.”

Overall, only seven percent of American adults say they have ‘a lot’ and 29 percent ‘a fair amount’ of confidence and confidence in newspapers, television and radio news reports – which together are four points above the record low of 32 percent in 2016. , during the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

More than half of respondents look tired: 29 percent of the public currently register ‘not much’ trust and 34 percent say they have ‘not at all’.

Of course, many Democrats still trust the media. Why do you think this is?

Do not expect the media to change either. They are activists and have an agenda.

Cross placed from American Lookout.

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