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Rudy Giuliani throws Trump under the bus on the big lie

Rudy Giuliani claimed he only followed orders when he represented Donald Trump in election fraud cases.

Rudy Giuliani now says that Trump ordered him to represent him

Via Business Insider:

In a recent transcript recently released, Charles Cain, Coomer’s lawyer, asked Giuliani if ​​he was ever paid to represent the Trump campaign. Cain noted that during a sweaty, press conference on November 19, Giuliani said he represents Trump personally as well as the Trump campaign.

According to the transcript, Giuliani replied that he was not paid to represent the campaign and that he only reimbursed his expenses. Cain then asked Giuliani why he would represent the Trump campaign without compensation.

“The president – the president ordered me to do that,” Giuliani replied.

Giuliani tries to blame the big lie about Trump

Rudy Giuliani is already broken and under federal criminal investigation, but it would appear he is trying to get out of any legal liability for the big lie by blaming it all on Donald Trump.

By pointing out that he was not paid, Giuliani may also be trying to make the argument that he really was not Donald Trump’s lawyer.

The Trump administration was not the military. Rudy Giuliani was a private citizen. If Trump had ‘ordered’ him to act as his lawyer, Giuliani could have told him to kick sand.

The Trumpers are turning on each other. Donald Trump has allowed Rudy Guiliani to dry up, and Trump’s former lawyer is trying to escape a $ 2 billion lawsuit by blaming the former president.

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