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Somy Ali reveals that she tried with actress Divya Bharti during the shooting ‘Andolan’, and supports Aryan Khan | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

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Somy Ali comes in support of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s son Aryan Khan; reveals that she tried with Divya Bharti during the recordings of ‘Andolan’

After the arrest of Shah Rukh Khanif you Aryan Khan in a drug case, many celebrities from Bollywood came out in support of the strong. The former actress is the last one to join the list Somy Ali. Somy shared her Instagram handle and shared a photo of Aryan and wrote a long letter in which she extended her support to Aryan and his family. She started her post by writing: ‘What child has not experimented with drugs? Give me a big break! And let this child go home. Drugs, similar to prostitution, will never disappear and therefore both must be decriminalized. This is the epitome of a child that is a child scenario. No one is a damn saint. ‘It reveals that she tried at the age of 15 and then again with the late actress Divya Bharti during the filming of the movie ‘Andolan’, Somy further writes: ‘I tried when I was 15 and then again with Divya Bharti during the filming of Andolan. No remorse! ‘ Somy accuses the legal system of using Aryans and also writes: ‘The legal system uses Arians to prove a point because this child suffers for no reason. How about the legal system of catching rapists and murderers instead ?! The US has been waging a war on drugs since 1971, yet it is easily accessible to anyone who wants to use it. Watch the video for more details

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